Discovering Significance and Legacy in the Second Half of Life



The Vision
 To become a niche ministry that focuses on the classic styles
of teaching, music, and resources.

We envision a niche ministry.  As churches are committing to a younger demographic and choosing a more contemporary style of ministry, our vision is to move in the other direction and by doing so, we automatically become a niche ministry. 

We envision a ministry of significance and legacy.  The second half of life should bring faith convictions about the greater purpose and significance of the latter chapters that involve creating a legacy.

We envision a classic style of ministry that endorses a more in-depth exposition of Scripture and revives the classic hymns and songs.

We envision a para-church ministry that is open to all believers who seek to bless their own church, community, and the world.

If this vision resonates with you, please contact us.  We would love to meet you.


The Purpose
To create a seven-fold ministry

ONE.  Bible Study.  We will commit to in-depth Bible exposition as our main study.

TWO.  Fellowship.  We will facilitate true biblical fellowship that goes beyond casual social events but involves accountability, prayer, and support.

THREE.  Evangelism.  We will plan to host special events that focus on the presentation and defense of the faith.

FOUR.  Outreach.  We will support community service opportunities, special mission works, and other parachurch ministries.

FIVE.  Resource center.  We will provide online resources for spiritual growth produced by our ministry as well as sponsoring ministries.

SIX.  Counseling.  We will provide personal counseling for seeking individuals, couples, and families.

SEVEN.  Legacy.  We will address the distinctives of midlife chapters of life and teach about the greater significance and purpose of this special time that involves leaving behind a legacy.


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The Team

Pat Buttes:  CEO, Board Moderator, Teaching Pastor 

Pat is a pastor who brings a unique combination of successful business experiences and in-depth Bible teaching. He brings over 40 years of business, church, and parachurch experience to this ministry.  He specializes in expositional teaching, apologetic presentations, and online resources.

His online resources.  Click  GreatBibleTruths.com

His orphanage ministry.  Click  CaringForOrphans.com

His role in CFM will be as the CEO, board moderator, and teaching pastor.

Tae Shin:  Executive Pastor, Music Director 

Tae is a pastor who brings over 30 years of church and parachurch experience to this ministry. He specializes in expositional teaching, counseling, music, and online resources.

His online resources and services.  Click  PastorTae.com

His online resources and consulting ministry.
Click  Titus2Ministry.org

His weekly email devotions/newsletter.  Subscribe > Java For Life Devotions

His role in CFM will be as the executive pastor and music director.




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