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By Pat Buttes
Starts April 7 at 5pm

From Pat:  If you have ever watched any of the Duck Dynasty episodes, the patriarch Phil Robertson stands out as

an unique character especially when he voices his mantra, “Happy, happy, happy.”  I like that, the husband, father and grandfather of the clan was not there to dominate the family but to constantly remind those he loves so much of the Christian and family value of happiness.

My wife even bought me the T-shirt with “happy, happy, happy” on it.

Many people don’t think about it, that happiness is a strong Christian value, but it is.  Our first series will be on happiness and those things which work against happiness in our lives and our families’ lives.  Ever think that that could be part of your legacy for your family, teaching them the true meaning of Biblical happiness?  Come and join us and be blessed by the teaching.

The teaching series on happiness will be approximately 8 weeks long.  I will share more details later.


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